About Me

Kathy Chaffee Groff

With over 4 decades in the restaurant industry, Kathy rarely encounters a situation where her perspective and experience do not lead to a solution.  Kathy worked her way from crew positions to management, learning about restaurants from the "bottom" up. 

Her management experience ranges from single store to multi-unit, from accounting and marketing to human resources. Kathy chose consulting because of her passion for the restaurant industry and her desire to help others achieve successful financial, staffing and operating results.  She has opened a long list of restaurants in many cities and prides herself on being the "keeper of the concept development punchlist". 

Kathy has developed strong long-term client relationships, continuously contributing to the growth of her clients' restaurants at every stage of business.  Her strengths are profit building and cost accounting, developing people through coaching and training guidelines, strategic planning and operational analysis, as well as measurement tools for tracking results in every area of business.


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